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Fast And Furious Falcons Free Agent Open Thread

This day has been insane.

I'll have something a bit more well-rounded come tomorrow morning, but for now I'm opening this up as a general discussion of the team's undrafted free agent bonanza, plus free agents to come.There's an awful lot to talk about in a very short time after the lockout has been lifted.

Jason Kirk has a great list of who's who in Falcons free agents, a list which includes future backup quarterback Adam Froman, promising young tackle Matt Murphy, and cornerback Darrin Walls. It's not a list that will knock your socks off, but the Falcons got some very intriguing players between Monday and today.

Right now, we all but know the Falcons won't be getting Charles Johnson (Panthers), Ray Edwards (a lack of interest), and we're not entirely sure they're going to end up with Noel Devine thanks to an erroneous or early AJC report. That leaves the team all but out of the free agent pass rusher picture, and leaves them looking to get help in the secondary, along the offensive line and perhaps even on offense as they move into real free agency.

Discuss amongst yourselves. Big doings, my friends!