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Your First Falcons Free Agents Are (Not) Noel Devine, Ryan Winterswyk

The Atlanta Falcons wasted no time in free agency. Thomas Dimitroff slapped on his fur hat, hopped in his MiG and signed him a free agent with an Eastern bloc last name. Success!

All Communist propaganda aside, Ryan Winterswyk is a nice little signing. As our invaluable friend Jason Kirk wrote at SBN Atlanta, the former Boise State defensive lineman has been signed to play tight end. Since he also, you know, played defensive line in college, they might have some room for him there.

There was some other guy they signed, too. Something you do to shrimp, I think? Oh! Noel Devine. That's right. UPDATE: Except he didn't sign. Ah, rumors. 

I know I'm burying the lede on this one, but I am pretty excited about Devine. He's a speedy little dude who could someday make an excellent third down back, with his soft hands. He fell out of the draft entirely thanks to size and some character concerns, but with a little seasoning he could be a nice second or third back for the Falcons. I'm not particularly concerned about his past.

Unless he shows up and impresses the hell out of everybody, expect him to be on the practice squad for the duration of 2011.

The beauty of a signing like Winterswyk is that he basically costs the team nothing, and if he can prove his worth on either offense or defense, he'll hang on for cheap. Heck, he could at least be a factor on the practice squad, where he can block and tackle Falcons to his heart's content every week.

Look for the Falcons to look hard at other UDFAs, probably mostly in the secondary.

Welcome Winterswyk and Devine to the fold, everyone.