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Lockout Almost Officially Over: Also, Dave Was Wrong

UPDATE: NFLPA exec committee OKs deal. Unanimously. Next is a vote from the 32 player representatives.

UPDATE UPDATE: The player reps have also unanimously approved the deal, meaning Brady et al must now sign off on the deal, which is expected. Almost completely and totally over!

Big thanks to Jason for being a boss and linking you first to the almost official end to the lockout.

Dave, however, INCORRECTLY PREDICTED the start of training camps and it makes me wonder whether or not Dave spends his time listening to this when he writes his posts.

(Ok, I'm done)

In any case, this is fantastic - the day we've all been waiting for, if you will. Everything will pretty much be started immediately, according to Breer, so long as everyone agrees. Free agents will begin contact with teams (not limited to just their own) on Tuesday, with signings starting on Friday. This could also be hilariously ugly. (On Tuesday) "Yeah, I'll sign with you, Atlanta." (On Friday) "I just signed a big deal with the Bengals!"

....Let the bamboozling begin.

Brady, Peyton, et al must also send good word to the Minnesota court system to continue with the process. While training camps would be opened, the CBA would not be officially officially official until the players re-unionize. However, they'll still be allowed to go to camp and can then hash out things like drug testing and conduct.

But the gist of this article is that football is back. Yesssssssss!