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The Falcoholic's List Of Free Agent Targets

With free agency (maybe, possibly) approaching as the lockout (maybe, possibly) winds down, I thought it might be a good time to put together a collection of every suggested free agent I've unearthed thus far in 2011.

It's a motley list of players, many of them backups, but one I thought it would be worth exhuming for the purposes of discussion. I thought it would be doubly interesting to see how many of them are still realistic possibilities, especially those who I predicted might be targets many, many moons ago.

After the jump, find the entire list. Be sure to lavish praise on me for the ones you think I'll get right, and ridicule me relentlessly for everything else.

RB John Kuhn: Unlikely, because he wants to return to the Pack.

OT Jared Gaither: A slim chance, if the Falcons let Tyson Clabo walk and aren't satisfied with their options.

Rookie Running Backs: Definitely possibility.

S Chinedum Ndukwe: I'd love to have the guy, but I'm not sure he'd be content to play backup.

DE Ray Edwards: Still very likely. The Falcons are known to have some kind of interest in him.

RB Tiki Barber (Not Really)

WR Mike Sims-Walker: Basically cross off all wide receivers at this point.

DE Charles Johnson: A long shot, sure, but an awesome one.

RB Cadillac Williams: Great third-down back with value in the passing game. Maybe a 25 percent chance.

S O.J. Atogwe: No way. Love the guy, but no way.

WR Malcom Floyd: Again, cross off all wide receivers.

CB Eric Wright: I'm still openly rooting for this one. Wright would fit in nicely in Atlanta, bad 2010 aside.

WR James Jones: No.

DE Richard Seymour: Another long shot, mostly because of his age. He's still an effective player.

S Haruki Nakamura: The Ravens have indicated a desire to keep him. If he does go free, he's a good backup option at safety.

LB Rocky McIntosh: Slim chance with Akeem Dent on board, but he's plenty capable.

RB Jerome Harrison: Jacquizz Rodgers would essentially make him redundant.

WR Lance Moore: