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Your Scorching Heat Wave/Atlanta Falcons Open Thread

I had a more elaborate post planned for this afternoon, but then I remembered something.

It is currently about 95 degrees up here, hotter elsewhere, and it's a Friday afternoon. If you're even half as sweaty and unkempt as I am at the moment, you probably don't want to do any heavy reading, or intellectual lifting. My post comparing Mike Smith to the great seers of ancient Greece will have to wait for another day.

Suggested topic? I'm rolling with the tight end position today, since we haven't touched on it in a while. I'm curious to see if you think Justin Peelle is still a Falcon by the time the season rolls around, and if Michael Palmer can seize upon a larger role with a year of playing experience under his belt. I think he probably can.

And for the love of the Football Gods, stay cool out there. I feel like I'm about to catch fire.