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Saturday Six Pack: American Independence Edition 7/2/11

Hope everyone has a happy 4th, and be sure to be responsible with these!
Hope everyone has a happy 4th, and be sure to be responsible with these!

Blah, blah, blah. Lockout almost over, lockout never over, lockout, lockout, lockout.

So we continue on the NFL lockout train and, as far as I know, the NBA is now in one, too. Even if they're not, they'll likely follow the same suit as the NFL so who knows.

Not a whole lot of Falcons news out there that hasn't been covered, but let's see what I can drum up for ya today. And what a better way to make you question reality than with this article from It basically asks, "Which TE was better last decade? Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzalez?" Don't get me wrong, Gates is a great TE, but nobody was asked to do more for their team as a TE than Gonzo was back when he was in KC.

DOL: Good ol' DOL has given us this Q&A with Harry Douglas. One thing I found amusing was that it says in there that his dad is Harry 3, so that means we would have Harry 4. That's cool. I think stuff like that is cool.


The Andrews Journal: I don't think this one has been covered on here already, but if it has, I apologize. Anywho, Ol' Trusty Dusty Offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey went on a zipline. Sound exciting? No? Well, he did talk about some stuff pertaining to the offense and how he wishes we could keep our offensive line together. I don't blame him for thinking that. Team chemistry is important.

ESPN: I happened to come across a really, really good read from former Falcon Jason Wright about how undrafted college free agents are the hardest hit by this lockout. He tells his personal story about being cut by the 49ers immediately and how he was really thankful that the Falcons picked him up and gave him a fair shot to make the team. He wasn't with us for long, but he was still a Falcon nonetheless. I encourage you to check that out. It's a good one.

CNN: What could CNN have to do with the Falcons? Well, it's not directly related, but Biermann's baby mama is showing off the new baby. He's named Kroy Jagger Biermann, after his father, and evidently he was born recently. Hooray for everything going smoothly!

Random Funny: Unemployment sucks. Just ask this guy.