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An Inspiring Bracket For The Best Falcons Ever

My good friend Jay Adams over at the official site is running one hell of an ambitious project at the moment, and I thought it only fair to call your attention to it.

So dig this: The site is going through a bracket of Falcons legends to determine who the ultimate fan favorite is. There's going to be 16 choices in all competing for the hearts and minds of fans like you and I, including such luminaries as Tommy Nobis and Jamal Anderson. Jay was able to resist the temptation of putting on current players like Roddy White and John Abraham, so you're dealing with a gallery of former Falcons who made their marks in the history books or on our very souls.

First up is the matchup to choose the final 16 seed, and it's between Ray Buchanan, Mike Kenn and Morten Andersen. Tough choice, unless you have an enduring love for Mike Kenn that crowds out even the ancient Andersen from consideration. Click!

Who is my favorite? At the risk of sounding like a front-runner, it's definitely Jessie Tuggle, my favorite Falcon of all-time and the guy who just so happens to be the #1 seed. I'm not saying you should vote for Tuggle, but I'd like you more if you did.

Go check it out and vote. Right now.