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Guess The First Move The Falcons Make After The Lockout

Step right up and guess!

It's a pretty simple, non-taxing sort of discussion for a Monday morning, even though we're all likely to be way off the mark. I'm simply asking you to guess what the very first thing Thomas Dimitroff will do after he has the freedom to do anything but ride his bike 300 miles through the Swiss Alps while battling capitalists.

My guess? Releasing a handful of players, including guys whose salaries are higher than their production. I think you'll see the end of Chauncey Davis, Jerious Norwood, Michael Koenen and Brian Williams in Atlanta before the good Comrade makes any other moves. It's a bit of an ambitious guess, I'll admit, but the front office has had a lot of time to think about who is getting to stay and who has to go.

So don't be shy. Join me in throwing darts and seeing where they land, if you would.