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Like All Terrible Things, The Lockout Is Ending Soon

Just like tornadoes and bee stings, the NFL lockout couldn't last forever. Drat.

The reports are coming in fast and furious as I write this late Thursday night that we're on the cusp of the lockout being over. It appears the framework of a deal is all but complete,with major hurdles more or less cleared. Some say a "handshake deal" could be in place by the end of the day today, with a formalized contract in place by next week.

I can barely contain my joy at being presented with the possibility of ending this lockout forever. I suspect that if this does happen, football fans across this great nation of ours are going to form an impromptu chorus line. Or just drink heavily. You know, whatever works for you.

So we could be headed for great news in a relatively short time. What say you to that? Either way, feel free to use this thread as your labor discussion opener. We've got a more Falcons-centric post dropping this afternoon, so stay tuned.