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Falcons Prepared To Lose Harvey Dahl, Tyson Clabo

If the Falcons were going to let a lineman go, I predicted it would be Tyson Clabo. Now it looks like the team is prepared to move ahead without Clabo and Harvey Dahl.

In an ideal world, the team would be able to retain all three of their free agent linemen, but this isn't an ideal world. As I've long suspected, it appears Justin Blalock's youth and rapid growth as the team's left guard is going to get him re-signed. That leaves the Falcons fighting to sign one of either Dahl or Clabo.

Honestly, I think Dahl is the likeliest to go. Mike Johnson strikes me as a guy who could be ready to take over at right guard in the here and now, while I like Garrett Reynolds at right tackle but am slightly less sure of his overall talent. In the likely event both leave, the right side of the line would be transformed to a younger corps. Interesting, but a little scary.

I believe that even though Falcons' player rep Clabo is reportedly looking for a nice, fat contract this off-season.

What is striking is the level of confidence our front office has in the young guys. If you had told me several months ago that we'd be entering the next season potentially down two-fifths of our starting line from last season and Thomas Dimitroff would be comradely yawning about it...well, I'm not sure I'd buy that. And not just because you used the word "comradely."

I share that confidence to a point. It is a credit to this front office and this coaching staff that they have so many young, promising players dotting the offensive line, either way.

Who re-signs, gentle readers?