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Agent For Eric Weems Expects Him Back With Falcons

Remember that D. Orlando Ledbetter article from earlier this morning? We're linking it again, because DOL is an unending font of information. Kudos to him.

This news concerns Eric Weems, who has been scarcely mentioned on this page since the Great Special Teams Brouhaha of March. Fortunately, if you're a fan of Special Weems, this is likely to be good news.

His agents believes the Pro Bowl returner is coming back to the Falcons, and it's not going to be particularly difficult:

"They want him," said James Christopher Martin, Weems’ agent. "I don’t suspect there will be any arm wrestling to get a deal done. I don’t think they look at him as a one-trick pony."

Unfounded optimism or crazy insider knowledge? You decide! Either way, I'd say it's pretty likely Weems will be coming back.

It's no secret that Weems is hoping for a larger role in the offense, which would certainly allow him to make his case for his roster spot even with special teams rules shifting like quicksand under his fleet feet. I just don't know if I see it in a depth chart suddenly chock full of receiving talent. Then again, I've been wrong before about a great many things.

Will Weems re-sign, and if so, what will his role be?