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Brent Grimes Picks Two New Agents

Brent Grimes has quietly been playing like a great cornerback for the better part of two seasons. Now he would like to get paid like one.

That's the unavoidable takeaway from Grimey's decision to hire a pair of new agents. Tom Condon and Ben Dogra are well known for representing some of the most high-profile players in the NFL; Condon represents both Peyton and Eli Manning, while Dogra boasts Patrick Willis and Mario Williams among his clients. These aren't guys you pick up if you want a small, short-term deal.

While this may freak you out, it shouldn't. There's no signs that Grimes wants out of the ATL; indeed, he's made his name here and he's been terrific for the city both on and off the field. It just means that he is going to expect to be paid well and for a long time for his services and his superfreak athleticism. We are talking about a dude who has 11 picks in the last two seasons and routinely and casually devours quarterbacks with his bare hands. That kind of dude. 

That's fair. I mean, it's not like every other team in the league is going to want Grimes or anything if the Falcons fail to sign him to a long-term deal, and it's not like there's at least one team in our own division with cornerback woes and a lot of money to throw around...

Okay, maybe I'm a little bit freaked out. Let's just hope that Grimey's a Falcon for a long time after all's said and done. Given that he only has three years of accrued time, the team has a nice little window they shouldn't waste.

Care to weigh in, loyal readers?