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Jerious Norwood Is Virtually A Former Falcon

We've long known Jerious Norwood was not going to be returning to the Atlanta Falcons. I've always liked the guy, but a combination of injury problems and little production over the last couple of seasons more or less drew us a picture. Add Jacquizz Rodgers into that mix and you've got a recipe for no Norwood.

Apparently, Norwood himself has become resigned to his fate. The affable Mississippi native's agent is openly talking about him being scooped up by another team. That's as it should be. A running back who only manages to play in 12 games in two seasons, assembling a sub-4.0 yards per carry average over that time, can't expect to be a re-signed by a team with an exciting rookie and a bruising back they'd love to lock up to a long term deal.

But let's be clear: Whether or not Jason Snelling comes back, Rodgers is going to replace Norwood. Now would be the time to say a fond farewell.

 I'll remember him for his occasional forays into the eye-popping. When he stutter-stepped his way past a lineman and got into open space, he was a truly dynamic runner. For his sake, I hope the team that signs him gets a little bit of that old Norwood magic.

Remember Norwood, if you would.