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Julio Jones Is Becoming Everyone's Falcons Hero

Julio Jones is practically a mythical figure in Atlanta these days...without taking a single snap in an actual game. He's a regular Bill Brasky. Why, just the other day I heard this said of Jones by a drunken man at a local watering hole:

Julio Jones is an eight foot, two ton monster who can palm a medicine ball.

Not to be outdone, his companion replied thusly:

I once saw him scissor kick Angela Lansbury!

So as you can see, his legend only grows. On a milder front, Fox Sports had this to say just yesterday:

The Atlanta Falcons' veterans have been even more impressed by first-round wide receiver Julio Jones' precise route-running and attention to detail than his explosiveness so far in unofficial workouts.

Veteran players, maidens and forest critters are all impressed by the fact that Jones seems about as mature and hard-working as any rookie in the NFL this season...and he's a wide receiver. That position is known more for its divas than its lunchpail types, so this is a blessing.

Not that I need to tell you that. Share your own Julio Jones stories in the comments.