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Matt Ryan As A Role Model For Young Falcons Fans

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We all want our athletes to be role models. It's ingrained in us to expect a higher standard of behavior from them, even if we're routinely let down by the reality that these guys are indeed human.

But Matt Ryan's always seemed to embody that ideal. He's a quiet leader, a guy who refuses to criticize and someone who can stand up in front of kids and talk about being a role model without sounding like a doofus. I suggest you give his remarks in Savannah a read, if you haven't.

Because this is one of my famous discussion posts, though, it wouldn't be complete without a stupid thought-provoking question. Does it matter that Matt Ryan is a role model? Is it important for athletes to be that, and does it help him in his role as one of the public faces of the franchise, alongside Roddy White? I'm genuinely curious to see what y'all think.

So lemme know.