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The Atlanta Falcons Are Not Chasing Elderly Receivers

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I'm going to elaborate on Jason Kirk's post yesterday, a simple no to the prospect of Plaxico Burress signing with the Atlanta Falcons. I will do so just to drive his point home.

Committed to their (mostly) young receiving corps, the Falcons are not going to sign Terrell Owens. They're not going to sign Plaxico Burress. They're not going to coax Steve Largent out of retirement. They're not going to travel back in time to find a watchmaker with the potential to catch 100 passes. None of that will happen.

The reasons for that are simple. They have a top receiver already in Roddy White, a young potential star in Julio Jones, and capable options ranging from Michael Jenkins to Harry Douglas. Heck, they've even got a potential option in the hulking Brandyn Harvey, should the need arise.

With that many options, most of them under 30, the Falcons have no need to take on an older dude with baggage. Frankly, Owens is a constant headache, and Burress isn't a bad guy, but he is one who is fresh out of prison, made a dumb mistake and may not be in any shape to play in the NFL this season. 

No matter how tempting ti might be to take on a guy with a history of past success, that's not what this Falcons team is about. It's about putting together a young, hardworking team that can carry Atlanta to the promised land. We don't need T.O. or Plaxico or anybody else to get there.

That's my final word on the subject.