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A Falcons Discussion: The Fate Of Michael Turner

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A quick question for your consideration this Monday evening.

We've spent considerable time talking about Turner, and with good reason. He's been the team's workhorse back for the last three seasons, and the guy is willing to ruin his body for the Falcons. You gotta love that about him.

But how long will Turner be a Falcon? I think that's a fair question, given the worrisome trends. Turner is going to be the starting running back in 2011, and one great year would dispel our concerns in easy fashion. Yet I can't help but wonder, with the considerable pounding Turner has taken over the last three seasons, if he's going to last three more in Atlanta.

So let's throw some logs on the fire and get a raging debate going. How long will Turner be a Falcon, how will he do as long as he is one and how many carries will Jacquizz Rodgers be taking on in 2011?