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Who Will Make The 2011 Pro Bowl For The Falcons?

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Here at The Falcoholic, we specialize in irresponsibly early discussions. I even minored in the subject in college!

So here's our question of the day on a sleepy Sunday evening. Who among our beloved Atlanta Falcons will make the Pro Bowl in 2011? There are 53 choices, at least, so I'm sure you guys and gals can kill an hour or two coming up with a good list.

Let me contribute mine to get the discussion started. You can decide if it's overly optimistic or not.

  • QB Matt Ryan
  • WR Roddy White
  • LG Justin Blalock
  • DE John Abraham
  • DT Jon Babineaux
  • CB Brent Grimes

I wanted to put Kroy Biermann on there, but then I realized Pro Bowl voters are dumb and probably have no idea who he is. The same would be true of Jon Babineaux and Justin Blalock if not for my plan to mention them at least three times a day for the next 200 days.

Weigh in, if you would.