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During NFL Lockout, Players Must Do It Themselves

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By now you've heard that the Falcons have been running well-attended practice. 

But writer and former Falcons beat writer Steve Wyche writes that the players are fending for themselves hen it comes to everything from facilities to equipment. Coaches may be able to keep in touch with players via smoke signals and carrier pigeons, but they can't exactly ship gear to them without someone getting mighty suspicious up at the league offices.

So Wyche's article ends up being an interesting glimpse into what these multi-millionaires are doing without the professional comforts the off-season usually brings. Thomas DeCoud, for example, is working out in his pink-lined breast cancer awareness cleats. Players pay to train, and those undrafted free agents who can't afford to do so end up working off their debt.

It's a reminder that just because these guys are filthy rich doesn't mean they don't want to work. On the contrary: I'd say the majority of your players in the NFL right now are working out in some form, and there's more than a handful making real sacrifices or lugging their kids along to do so. All these guys are going to be mighty happy to see the NFL return to business as usual.

This has been your daily reminder that the lockout sucks. What say you?