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Hey NFL! Hey Players! Hey Press! Shut Up Already!

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So a deal is close!

But it's not.

Talk about complete public ambivalence. 

Ladies and gentlemen, according to the NFL and its many pundits, reporters, and writers, we are on the edge of a possible labor savior in a new CBA. Just two weeks ago, a resolution was claimed to be two weeks away. Two weeks later, DeMaurice Smith emerges from behind the rusty steel door of the negotiation bunker and grumbles "We're not close."

What the hell? Every sports site and non-sports site is reporting we're mega-super-razor-thin close to getting a new CBA ratified and then the former president and current representative of the players' interests just up and shouts "NOPE." Even a player close to the negotiations agreed a deal was close just a couple of weeks ago.

What gives? Why are the media and NFL administrator championing "SUCCESS!" while Smith is grumbling about failure? Who's confused? I see a lot of blank stares out there in the footbawwwwwlsphere.

So I offer this suggestion to both the NFL and its players and player reps: shut up. Just stop talking to the press. Ixnay alktingtay. Be quiet. Hush up. Zip it. Seal your lips. 

It's gotten to the point of being akin to a school yard verbal scuffle at this point. Every time the NFL or the media pumps rays of sunshine and dreams of Roddy White catching a 100yard bomb from Matty Ice up our bums, Smith comes back and tosses in thoughts of a football-less Fall. It's like two kids arguing if something's so-and-so or not.

NFL: "IS SO!" Smith: "IS NOT!" NFL: "IS SO!" Smith: "IS NOT!"

Just shut up already. I don't give a crap if you think you're close or not. Just shut up and get back to work. Media, stop asking them if a deal is close or not. Stop taking random positive or negative comments from insiders. Just focus on Charlie Sheen or something.

The NFL fans have dealt with this for long enough. Don't get back to us until you've got news that is worthy of a headline. You know, a headline that might read "New CBA Ratified. NFL Season Back On." I'll take that over "NFL Says Labor Deal Close" and "Smith Says Labor Deal Not So Close" anyday. Don't give us any hyperbole, positive or negative. No tweets. No quotes. No bylines. No captions.

Just give us results.