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A Falcons Discussion: Whither Sean Weatherspoon?

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So hey, we haven't spent much time on Sean Weatherspoon this off-season. Somehow I haven't beaten every player angle to death yet, but give me time!

We'll keep this straightforward. I'd like to see what you all have to say about Weatherspoon, who has proven to be a polarizing figure around these parts.So to try to get a handle on perception, I'm asking everyone to tell me what Spoon will do in 2011 and beyond.

Personally, I think he takes a big step forward in 2011. The team isn't exactly going to ask him to become a full-time pass rusher, but he should be able to get a handful of sacks if Mike Smith and BVG do put forward a more aggressive defense. If he's healthy, he should be more of a factor all the way around.

Let's hear your take, my friends. Stats, gut feeling or some combination of the's all good.