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(Substitute) TWESTOTE of the Day: Goodell Optimistic, I'm Not

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I had a nice, lovely thing written up for this article, and because technology fails, it disappeared.

In any case, Roger Goodell says that recent private talks are a positive sign. That could mean anything. He recently visited Fort Bragg, NC to talk to some soldiers about what was going on with the lockout. He basically delivered typical business BS about how he knows people want football, but this is something that can't be rushed.

I have to agree on not rushing this. As much as I want a deal done, I think that neither side should rush into something just because it has been so long. We're not even 100% sure that money is the issue here. Don't forget, the owners wanted an 18 game season at one point. Money is most likely the issue, but it may not be the only one.

I just want this whole thing to be over and done with already, before real, irreparable damage is done to the NFL's fanbase.