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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Community Service Rules!

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Lockout smockout, the Falcons can't stop giving back. Not the actual Falcons, as in the players themselves. The Americus-Sumter Boys and Girls club hosted this year's Falcons Fitness Clinic. Cool program except none of the players actually attended.

And the kids don't just get to work on their passing game. As part of Michelle Obama's 'Get Fit' plan, the Falcons came into town to show how to mix fitness and fun.

And that combination helps kids both physically and mentally.

No Falcons players attended the camp. NFL owners locked out the players because of an ongoing labor dispute, so players can't take part in official team events.

Yikes. Kind of a non-story, though it does portray some of the lockout's off-the-field collateral damage.

End the lockout. Now.