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The Free Agency Crown Jewel For The Atlanta Falcons

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Sunburnt and relaxed, I return to The Falcoholic. You may clap any time you like.

So we've got ourselves a bit of a sponsored post here, but one that shouldn't require too much heavy lifting from your collective brains. All I want to know is who you consider to be the crown jewel of this particular free agent class...for the Falcons.


That means that while you may believe that Terrell Owens is the class of this class—perhaps you've had a few drinks or something—he may not be for the Falcons. We're talking scheme fit, need and talent, all rolled up into one delicious free agent dumpling.

My pick is still Ray Edwards. You can be wary of his personality quirks—he does have a few—but at 26 years old, he's the most productive end in this free agent class besides Charles Johnson. What makes him the prize? I think the Falcons are much more likely to be able to get him than Johnson, for one thing. He's also got the better (longer?) track record and would make sense both as a complement to John Abraham and his eventual replacement.

I recognize he's likely to be expensive, but the Falcons can absorb one big-time free agent. Edwards remains the one that I most fervently hope they'll chase.

So that's my pick. Let's discuss yours.

Oh, and in the spirit of staying on top of my earlier FanPost, let's all get along. Thanks, ladies and gentlemen.

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