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Could Jerious Norwood Return As Our Third RB?

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As much as we want to keep Snelling, I have a sneaking suspicion he'll be leaving via free agency, which leaves a small, yet plenty fillable hole in our running back corps.

We have a plethora of potential participants parading presumptuously in the wings, including the likes of Antone Smith, Gartrell Johnson, and glass cannon Jerious Norwood.

Ah, Jerious Norwood. The fireball out of Mississippi State. How much we've forgotten about him! In fact, he says he's ready to rock this year! Perhaps all this extra time off has done him some good.

While unlikely, I think we'll entertain the idea of bringing him back for one more season. Here are a few reasons why I think it's a possibility we'll take a flyer on him and not an RB from elsewhere:

I also haven't forgotten Quizz exists, either.

1) He knows the offense. This might be the most important one. With offseason workouts being shortened as it is, we're going to need someone who can jump in right away if necessary. Juice can do that.

2) He has produced in the past. Antone Smith and GJ3 haven't produced (or really been asked to produce) in the past. Juice has logged some mileage in his career and probably still has some very usable tread on his tires.

3) He has something to prove. No doubt with the injury plagued career that he's had, any chance to show anyone he's still worth something would be smart to take advantage of. He's been working his tail off, too.

4) His injury plagued career leaves him with zero leverage, and can therefore be signed for cheap. A one year deal for little would be advantageous to both sides, with us getting one last attempt at the blazer for less money, and him getting a chance to prove he can still play.

5) He won't have to do special teams. We have two very able kick returners in HD and Weems. Assuming we keep both of them, Juice can focus solely on being an RB (with Quizz on ST duty, most likely), which will help him avoid more injuries.

What say you, Falcoholics? Could we take another one year stab at a fully recovered Norwood? Or do we try our darndest to resign Snelling and hope Quizz turns out to be a tiny beast? Discuss!