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Michael Palmer Flashes Great Hands At Falcons Practices

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Some call him Michael Palmer. Others call him Palms of Fury. Still others don't really know who he is, but are nodding politely along with me, assuming I'm going somewhere with this.

From the gold mine that is D. Orlando Ledbetter's "Camp Exile" article comes the news that everyone's favorite backup tight end is looking sharp in player practices.

According to DOL, Palmer has caught almost every pass thrown his way and has been a regular at practices. The 23-year-old Clemson product caught five passes for 29 yards and a touchdown in 2010, and figures to improve on that no matter what he does in June and July. Can't possibly hurt his case, though.

What does this mean for Palmer? Not a hell of a lot, more than likely, as practice is a whole different ball of wax than game action. He's still a clear backup to Gonzo in the upcoming season. But that doesn't mean he can't be a force down the line, and a great pair of hands goes a long way with the Falcons.

Thoughts on Palmer?