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Shann Schillinger Recovering In Time For 2011 Season

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Perhaps you yawned a little bit when you saw this headline. Backup safeties don't usually elicit whoops and cheers, I'll admit.

Given the team's lack of depth at safety--on paper, at least--you might actually clap for this one. Second-year safety Shann Schillinger is about 85 percent recovered from a fractured ankle suffered last season, according to the AJC, which should mean he'll be ready to play by the time the 2011 season kicks off.

Of course, that estimate comes directly from Schillinger. You can only take a player's word so far, especially when they're still limping in a late-June practice. But let's assume that since Schillinger went to school in Montana, he'll just eat a bear's heart and recover if the need arises.

Why is Schillinger important? As I've noted before, William Moore has a bit of an injury history, so depth is needed. The hard-hitting Schillinger was also a big factor on special teams, and the more reserves we have to do that kind of work, the less we have to see Kroy Biermann providing coverage on kickoffs.

So that's good news. Care to project Shann's production in 2011?