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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Are We Sleeping On Burner?

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Some numbers worth considering:

  • In 2010 we saw Michael Turner break the third most tackles in the league.
  • He had 38 BTs (the league-leader had 45), or roughly 2.2 BTs/game (11 percent of his total touches).
  • Only three 300+ carry RBs broke a larger percentage of tackles (A. Bradshaw, C. Johnson, and A. Foster). Mind you 11 RBs carried 300+ times.
  • If he broke 3 more tackles last year, he'd have led the league in broken tackle percentage.

Why should you care? Because Turner will pound the rock considerably less in 2011. I'd guess he'll accrue somewhere between 200-250 carries with the addition of Quizz. Assuming that happens, you'd imagine he'll be able far less banged up each week. If he doesn't dramatically alter his style in order to extend his career (which I doubt he'd ever do - the man knows what his bread and butter are), then opposing defenders definitely need to be worried.

As always, curious what y'all think. Assuming you're not reading this from a bar (of if you don't mind being that guy and the oft-maligned mobile commenting), discuss early and often.