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Saturday Six Pack: Agree to Disagree CBA Edition 6/25/11

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It's going to be hot as Christmas this weekend. Be sure to keep these cold.
It's going to be hot as Christmas this weekend. Be sure to keep these cold.

There has been some recent hope that CBA progress is still chugging along, but I'm not holding my breath here. They've let it go on this far, they might as well see what they can get out of it.

Let's see what I can drum up for you today:

As I'm writing this, the AJC's site is not working, so I can't go to trusty dusty DOL for an article. Lame.

The Sporting News: TSN reports that Julio Jones doesn't give one hoopty about the rookie wage scale. And by that I mean he's focused on playing ball and not being distracted by things that are out of his control. Gotta love it.

ESPN: Pat Yasinskas over at ESPN writes that Gonzo deserves to be a first ballot Hall of Famer. I agree with him. I don't think it's fair to make someone wait a few years JUST because they played TE. Heck, Gonzo was as much a receiver as he was a blocker and he still put up ridiculous numbers.

Larry Brown Sports: There's been a lot of reports about this around the web, but Roddy went on NFL Network and said our offense would be reminiscient of the Greatest Show on Turf. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill, and while I think our O will be good, I'm not so sure it'll be that good.

Benzinga: It's interesting what you can find when you do a little searching. Dr. Spero Karas has been named Head Team Physician of the Falcons. Now, if you want to feel special and visit this doctor sometime, you can brag about being treated by the Falcons top doc. It would seem that both sides of this CBA hootenanny are wanting to get this done. There will be more talks next week between the owners and players. Just get it done already so we can speculate more about real free agency signings we'll actually make.

Random Funny: Here is a site with a bunch of random facts, most of which I had no idea about. It's just a silly little something to look at, though I actually got distracted from finishing this because I was reading them all. Hah!