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Saturday Falcons Discussion: Which Falcon Will Someday Coach?

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I know this has to have been debated at some point in the past, but I thought it would be interesting to re-visit the argument.

All I'm asking you for is the name of the Atlanta Falcon player currently on the team who is most likely to coach in the future. The easy answer would be Brian Finneran, but I'm hoping you guys will come up with a few other options. As is typical for our discussions, defend your position without attacking everyone else's. Please and thank you.

Personally, I gotta go with Curtis Lofton. In the AJC article I linked to earlier today, D. Orlando Ledbetter noted that our fearsome middle linebacker has been gleefully handling the defensive schemes. When his career is done two decades from now and he has some 14,000 tackles under his belt, I'm sure he'll make a damn good defensive coordinator.

But I ramble. Who's your pick?