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Harry Douglas Is Ready To Go For The Falcons

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You really need to read D. Orlando Ledbetter's fantastic article about the players' camp, which I'll be using as a starting point for more than one article in the coming days. In fact, I'm requiring it.

To springboard off one of the points in the article, it appears that Harry Douglas is finally back to full strength after his 2009 knee injury. That injury not only cost him in 2009, but it led to him having a pretty lackluster 2010, if you listen to Mike Smith.

The Falcons were incredibly thin at receiver in 2010, relying almost exclusively on Roddy White, with a sprinkling of Michael Jenkins, Douglas and Brian Finneran. This season, with Douglas flying around in seven-on-sevens and looking like the explosive player everyone hoped he'd be after an encouraging rookie season in 2008, the Falcons look a hell of a lot stronger.

Douglas will have to surpass Jenkins to get significant snaps this season, which isn't impossible. His best bet is to become a fixture at the slot, and a guy who can offer quickness and sharp route running behind White and Julio Jones. I see no reason why he can't do that if he's truly healthy, and he should be good for 25-30 catches in a suddenly high-octane offense.

Hard not to get excited about this season, isn't it? Discuss Douglas!