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Three In Mix For Job If Falcon Tyson Clabo Leaves

Though he's fresh off a Pro Bowl berth--or perhaps because of it--Tyson Clabo may not be back with the Atlanta Falcons in 2011.

Should that happen, the Falcons are obviously going to have to make plans. As D. Orlando Ledbetter notes, the team has made it clear they're ready to re-structure the line. That's true if Clabo leaves, if Harvey Dahl leaves, or if Justin Blalock leaves.

I thought I'd take a quick look at the three candidates who have a shot at taking over for our boy Clabo, in the unfortunate event that he heads to less red and black pastures.

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Garrett Reynolds: A classic mauler in the run game, Reynolds has had a couple of years in the Falcons' system to mature. He wasn't known for his quick footwork when he came out of college, but I have no doubt he's improved over that time.

The problem with Reynolds is he's essentially an unknown, but that's true of every candidate for Clabo's job. He's also unlikely to be the second coming of Clabo. That said, he's a bruising guy who can be the kind of wall at right tackle that the Falcons have always needed.

I like Reynolds' chances of starting better than anyone's, honestly. I'm just not entirely sure what to expect.

Jose Valdez: Valdez is an even bigger unknown. He's supposed to have some positional versatility, which will help for a team that's crazy for guys who can play multiple spots along the line.

What I do know is that Valdez is supposed to be a diamond in the rough, a tackle with considerable strength and quick feet. Like most prospects of his caliber, Valdez needs some seasoning, but he's probably got as much upside as Reynolds. The primary question is whether he's ready.

Will Svitek: The least likely choice, because he's never proven himself to be anything more than a decent backup. If Reynolds wins the job, Valdez might hang in the practice squad and Svitek may be the backup.

More than likely, however, Svitek will continue to back up Baker. It's handy to have someone who is at least an option at both tackle spots.

I would ask you to weigh in with your own analysis.