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Jason Snelling Wants To Return To The Falcons

My operating assumption when it comes to Jason Snelling has long been that another team would probably make him a damn good offer. Given that he's got limited opportunities in the Falcons' offense, it seemed likely he would walk.

Yet this new report from Pro Football Talk suggests that Snelling, who has been one of the most vocal advocates for getting the NFL lockout resolved, wants to end up back in Atlanta. To wit:

"They are the team that drafted me," said Snelling. "I love the organization. I love my teammates and my staff. But I have to explore my options. But they'll definitely be on the top of the list."

It's encouraging that the Falcons at least have the reasonable option to bring Snelling back, should they so desire. He's been a very solid running back over his tenure in Atlanta, catching passes, throwing blocks and yes, rushing reasonably well. Big Snell is, at the very least, a quality complement to Michael Turner and incoming Jacquizz Rodgers.

Let me be clear on this: If the Falcons can re-sign Snelling at a reasonable price, I'd be happy to have them do so. He's a great guy, a capable backup and someone who wants to be on the Falcons.