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Domestic Charges Against Chris Owens Dismissed

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Big thanks to Heath13 for discovering that this morning.

Personally, I largely kept my mouth shut about this because I didn't want to say something and then be proven wrong, since humanity has given me little reason to have any faith in it.

However, CO stuck to his guns and now his baby mama has decided to work with him to raise their child. What that could possibly mean, I don't know for sure. Maybe they had an "agreement" (read: money exchange) for her to chill out. I don't know.

To be the Falcons Man of the Year would mean he's in the same standing as Warrick Dunn and Brian Finneran, both of whom are very high character guys. I don't think CO's peers would have nominated him for MotY if he was capable of....that.

Although...I know anything is possible. What this means is that CO is spared from any team-related punishment and we can get back to being hopeful that he'll rise up after a rather disappointing 2010 season.

Let's just hope this issue doesn't become a long-term distraction for him and that it doesn't come back up in the future. But for now, hooray one less distraction!