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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Camp Exile is GREAT SUCCESS!

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The player-run mini-camp ended today. Borat and his genuine clock/radio would be proud. And DOL's Q and A with The Ice Man himself suggests it went very well. Give it a read if you haven't already. There are some interesting tid-bits worth taking note of:

Q: How is Julio’s personality fitting in?

A: Julio seems to have a different temperament than Roddy. You appear to have some different personalities and different talents. I think what fuels them is different. Roddy is out there talking and have a great time. That’s great because people feed off of that energy. But Julio seems to be a little bit different and that’s good.

Q: Did you all take advantage of this dead time and make something good happen?

A: I think obviously with the lockout and the situation that we were in, it was not a great situation in order to get prepared for next season. But with that said, I think we got a lot done. We had consistent turnouts week-in and week-out for about six or seven weeks, which is a long time. I think we did a great job.

I'm glad Jones and Ryan are establishing a rapport; because truth be told, they have a lot in common. It's also nice to hear (from a reliable source) that Jones and Roddy are somewhat different insofar as their respective approaches to the game. Don't get me wrong, our WR1 is fine by me. But there's only room for so many large personalities in the locker room, and by all accounts Jones primarily leads by example, making him an excellent fit IMO. 

We shall see whether Camp Exile actually makes a difference on-the-field this season. Our boys aren't alone in taking this approach, though it seemingly helped boost their confidence. One thing is certain, Ryan never ceases to amaze me with his team-first mentality, willingness to self-sacrifice, and passion for the game.