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Could The Falcons Vulture A Rookie From Another Team?

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An open question for your consideration this Wednesday evening. Will the Falcons outright steal a rookie or two off another team's practice squad? 

I was inspired to ask this when I saw that the Steelers aren't sure about the future of one Baron Batch. The bruising rookie back was seen as a possible third-down back, but the lockout has stunted his development to the point where he might have to ride out his rookie season on the practice squad.

Should that happen, will the Falcons try to snatch him up, especially if Jason Snelling leaves in free agency. Will they grab someone else to fill out the rough edges of their squad, especially if they bring somebody like Jose Valdez up from the practice squad? Or am I talking total nonsense, like a delusional Panthers fan who believes his team is going to go 16-0 next season?

Weigh in, if you would.