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Final Eight Plan Will Not Limit The Atlanta Falcons In 2011

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Pat Yasinskas has good news about an obscure free agency rule that won't affect the Atlanta Falcons at all. Feel the excitement!

Basically, the 2010 rule stipulated the following:

As part of the rule, teams were allowed to sign only the number of unrestricted free agents that they lost to other teams and there were some salary guidelines that further restricted teams that at least made it to the divisional round of the playoffs after the 2009 season.

So that would affect the 2011 Falcons...if this rule was renewed. Thankfully, the rule is extremely unlikely to be renewed, because neither owners nor players appear poised to pursue it. That means the Falcons won't be hamstrung in their quest to re-sign three-fifths of their offensive line, and guys like Stephen Nicholas and Mike Peterson. 

So there's reassurance for a problem you didn't even know existed. You are welcome, gentle readers of my blog.