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Roddy White Picks The Best Cornerbacks In The NFL

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I really couldn't resist posting an article where Roddy White gets to be an expert. Stay tuned next week as he explains how to mine tungsten!

Getting back to the article at hand, White was asked to rank the best cornerbacks in the NFL today. Raise your hand if you expect to hear Brent Grimes' name on the list.

It's interesting to get inside White's head a little bit and see who he holds in esteem. He's only faced Darelle Revis once, but ranks him top on the list. He's followed by Nnamdi Asomugha, Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson and our own Grimes.

All of those guys would be ranked among the tops by the grand majority of wide receivers in the NFL, but he can offer his own reasons. Makes the article worth a read. 

The most interesting comment is about Grimes:

 "Best feet in the game by far. Unbelievable athleticism."

So which of these other corners -- Revis, Asomugha, Bailey, Woodson -- is Grimes most like?

"He's different from those other guys, because he's not handsy, not needing to get his hands on you to make plays. He can just sit back, kind of look back (into the pocket) and watch."


Hey, it's a long off-season. This may not have an overarching point, but I think it's interesting to hear about what White's thinking and how great Grimes is. Agreed?