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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Happy Jonathan Babineaux Day!

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Babs' December '09 felony possession arrest is a thing of the past. Just ask the Atlanta City Council, which plans to honor him next week:

Monday, June 20, will be proclaimed "Jonathan Babineaux Day." Council members decided to give the star defensive tackle their highest honor based on his extensive charity work.

Since being drafted by the Falcons in 2005, a spokesperson for Babineaux says he has spent countless hours off the field doing community service, and tacked problems of truancy in Atlanta Public Schools. He's also donated more than $50,000 worth of home game tickets. Some of those tickets went to deaf and blind children, to give them their first NFL game experience.

Don't call it a comeback, because Babs has been here for years! For serious though, nobody is perfect, and he's clearly an altruistic dude. I'm happy for him; it's not easy to overcome stigma in this league, deserved or undeserved. Always nice to see one of our own honored in this manner. And when you consider how productive he's been on-the-field since '05, it's hard to imagine a better Falcon.

I'm going to celebrate the holiday by maxing on the 50 nugget (for $9.99) deal at McDonald's. 4 new sauces!