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Nobody Can Resist Raving About Julio Jones

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Julio Jones hasn't even had his first official training camp with the Atlanta Falcons, and the love for the rookie receiver is reaching a fevered pitch.

The latest report of people crushing on JJ Birdman comes from Pro Football Weekly, which delivers glowing reviews of Jones' performance at the player-organized workouts. Straight from the horses' sources' mouths comes this Falconly excerpt:

Sources say Jones looks way ahead of the game and that QB Matt Ryan has been in his ear often, offering instruction to the Falcons' prized prospect. Jones has been accepting of Ryan's coaching and the two appear to be building a rapport, we hear.

Considering that particular rapport is the most important one Jones will develop, this bodes well. It bodes even better that that Jones is "way ahead of the game," as sources report, because a rookie receiver who falls behind is typically useless in their first seasons. We've got so many good omens here that I can hardly wait for this stupid lockout to end.

It's never a good idea to inflate expectations for a rookie wide receiver, but I can't help but be excited for Jones. His maturity and considerable talent lead me to believe he may have a big impact in 2011.

I dare you to argue with me.