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ESPN: Atlanta Falcons Want Matt Bryant Back

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The feeling is apparently mutual.

An argument broke out and swung its fists wildly when we talked about just who Matt Bosher was supposed to be replacing on the Falcons roster. I've maintained since shortly after the draft that while he can do either, he's likely to take over for Michael Koenen, but not all of you have agreed.

Why? Well, Koenen's been a bit up and down the last couple of seasons, and rumor has it that he's seeking a big deal for a punter, which I understand is like $8 an hour. Bryant, on the other hand, was great last season and will likely be willing to sign for a short-term deal. Kicker of the future he's not, but valuable? Definitely.

Here's the relevant passage from the ESPN story:

Unless something happens very quickly, Bryant’s going to have to make a very difficult decision soon. He’s a free agent and, although the Falcons have said they’d like to re-sign him and his preference is to remain in Atlanta, no deal was reached before the lockout and there’s no guarantee one will be reached if and when it is lifted.

Read the rest of the piece to get a sense of the very real frustrations Bryant is facing, which may conspire to keep him from returning to the Falcons if the damn lockout ever ends. But if the desire's there on both sides, I'm at least encouraged about the possibility.

What are your thoughts, gentle readers?