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Falcons Expressed Interest In Undrafted QB Adam Froman

For those who hate acronyms, UDFA is undrafted free agent. Glad we could clear that up.

I'm passing this along because I've long suspected that John Parker Wilson is either going to not be a long-term backup for the Falcons—I'm firmly in that camp, by the way—or he'll be elevated soon when Chris Redman rides off into the sunset on a horse with no name. So the fact that the Falcons are poking around, however halfheartedly, confirms that they're at least thinking about what their depth chart is going to look like in a couple of years.

Enter Adam Froman, former Louisville quarterback. Somewhat of a deep sleeper, he did not get drafted back in April, and now has to wait around for the colossal fail that is the NFL lockout to end. The Falcons are one of a handful of teams that have been linked to him thus far.

Why Froman? He doesn't have a great arm, after all, even if he's not slinging the fusilli like JPW. He also has a little bit of a knock as a brittle guy, so I'm not sure you'd want to build a franchise around him.

That said, he's very athletic, whip smart and has great touch on his passes. With his ability to learn, he'd be an awesome fit as a backup, and the Falcons can roll with JPW, Redman or someone else entirely behind Ryan until he's ready. Even if he never quite gets there, I see no downside to bringing Froman on board to see what he's capable of.

What say you?