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Saturday Six Pack: Lockout Optimism Edition 6/18/11

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Today feels like a lazy day to kick back by the pool and drink a few of these.
Today feels like a lazy day to kick back by the pool and drink a few of these.

Finally, it seems like there's reason to be optimistic about the lockout ending soon. I'm about sick of it, personally, and if I had any influence over anything, anywhere, I'd probably find a way to show my displeasure.

In any case, hopefully they'll get a new deal worked out soon.

Let's see what I can drum up for you today!

Yahoo! Sports: Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports shares this little story of the Redskins giving a fan the opportunity to practice with them. Say what you want about the lockout and the players, but this was a cool story to read. Major props to the 'Skins for doing that.

AJC: Barry Wilner of the Associated Press writes that despite recent talks, an end to the lockout isn't guaranteed. He raises some interesting points, though I had forgotten that they only need 24 of 32 owners to agree on a deal. That could leave some owners out to dry (and very, very angry). Oh boy.


South Cobb Patch: Arthur Kai writes about a Gatorade Junior Training camp the Falcons are hosting in Mableton. They are also holding two more camps on the 21st, so if you have kids between the third and sixth grades, you should check it out!

ESPN: NFL insider John Clayton writes about how the next CBA will alter the rookie life forever. Most of it will come in the form of a large pay cut, but it could also affect the length of rookie contracts. The main issue seems to be that 5 year deals are too long for players like RBs, whose careers are effectively almost on the downward slide if they play all 5 years and contribute each year. It's an interesting read. Daniel Paulling of the Birmingham News writes about former 'Bama teammates John Parker Wilson and Mike Johnson coming together to help Alabama tornado victims. Naturally, you hate to hear about anything bad happening to anyone, but I applaud the relief efforts that have been put forth by people and players alike. It's been impressive, consiering what happened.

Random Funny: So evidently, Cleveland may have celebrated the Mavericks win more than the city of Dallas. No remorse or regret has been shown by any Cavaliers fan or owner. Very interesting read.