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Source: Some Owners Resisting Agreement

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I think this lockout has had more drama than an episode of All My Children. Says in this ESPN article that a handful of owners are resisting a deal to end the lockout. Schefter doesn't name names in the article, but he does point out that there are at least two AFC owners with an issue.

The timeline, as suggested by one executive, is that an agreement must be made by July 14th, else there could be potential games lost. That means the motley crew of folks have less than a month to get a deal in place!

The part that really gets me - and this makes as much sense as a dancing unicorn on top of a NASCAR - is this:

Some owners clearly want football and are willing to meet the players' price. But others, remembering 2006, when a CBA that seemingly favored the players was thought to have been rushed through, want to make sure that they don't make the same mistake.

First part is fine. Owners want football, they're willing to come down a little. That's cool. What REALLY gets me is the part about how they don't want to rush a new deal.

Wait, wait, wait a minute. You mean to tell me you had...several years to think about a new deal, but decided it would be better for everyone to let all this hullabaloo happen?

Glad to see procrastination isn't lost even as a bigwig in corporate America.