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Corey Peters Turns To Yoga To Stay In Shape

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A lot of guys lift weights over the off-season. Some participate in 7 on 7 drills. Still others run on the beach, punch sides of beef and listen to inspiring music. There's a variety of approaches to staying in shape in the NFL.

Corey Peters is likely doing a little of all of that, but he's also turning to an ancient art to keep himself in shape and limber for the rigors of the 2011 season. He's doing Bikram yoga:

Peters said, "In order for us to get to the levels we want to, we have to step out of our comfort zone some."
For Peters and Jarmond the benefits are amazing.   

"As a defensive lineman, pass rush is all about your hips and hands.  If you want to get your hips loose, a lot of different stretches you can do," said Peters.  Jarmon added, "It's something I've had great results with as far as stability, balance and core.  It's something I'm going to continue to do."

It's done in high heat, is modified from old school yoga and should make the already surprisingly agile Peters even more flexible. With Peria Jerry expected to land a bigger role in 2011, Peters needs to do everything he can to ensure he's getting plenty of snaps. As talented as he is, Peters knows he needs to get stronger, better, faster, and he's doing it.

Any opposing offensive lineman that laughs at Peters is going to face the wrath of Dhalsim. Bank on it.