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Osi Umenyiora To Falcons? The Rumors Explode

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Okay, so it's more of a Mentos in a Coke bottle situation than a full-blown bomb. It still counts!

It's natural that after Osi Umenyiora made his displeasure with the Giants known, fans would begin salivating at the very thought of bringing the guy into the fold. Piling up 60 sacks in seven seasons will set the hearts of thousands aflutter, after all. And he's on the right side of 30! Barely!

I view Umenyiora as somewhat of a backup plan, truthfully. He's a damn good player, but he wants to be paid huge dollar signs and by the end of a multi-year deal, will probably be in his mid-30's. That's about the time your average defensive end starts declining, and as good as Umenyiora is, he's no John Abraham.

Ray Edwards is still the preferable choice in my humble brainbox because he's younger and won't freak the flargle out if he has to share the occasional snap with Kroy Biermann, Lawrence Sidbury, et al. Even better would be Charles Johnson of the Panthers, but it's likely going to cost the Falcons a princely sum to get him. In case you didn't notice, the Falcons don't exactly have a secret stash of draft picks lying around.

So keep Umenyiora on your radars, but don't get too excited. I'm not yet anywhere near convinced that he'll be a Falcon in 2011. Are you?