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Falcons Are Anticipating The End Of The Lockout

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We've got a little bit of momentum toward the end of the NFL lockout, which makes us all happy. The Falcons are keyed in on the news, and are ready to see training camp begin. Thought I'd offer a mildly different spin on the article that James Rael—who you should warmly welcome back, by the way—posted last night.

It's not as though the team hasn't been working hard this whole time, so this off-season has been frustrating but not a total disaster. They'll hit the ground running, even if Roddy White just joined them for the first time.

Matt Ryan weighed in, expressing the natural amount of skepticism about negotiations between two sides that a few months ago couldn't even agree on the type of table they wanted to meet at.

"You never know what’s true and what’s not," Ryan said. "I hope it gets done as soon as possible. I think it’s good that they are working together and trying to come to an agreement. Whether if it comes next week or in the next few [weeks], we just hope it’s done before training camp would normally roll around."

Amen, Ice. Amen. My question is, what kind of drink are you going to imbibe when this thing is finally over?