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William Moore Is The Unquestioned Starting Safety For The Falcons

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Okay, this might only qualify for news outside of Atlanta. So be it.

William Moore came into the last season injured and unable to show us his talents. He got a break when Erik Coleman also got injured, and Moore never looked back after taking the starting job. He picked five passes and generally tackled the crap out of people, sealing up the starting job for himself.

That's confirmed by this Atlanta Journal-Constitution report, which illuminates the off-season work Moore's been doing. There's no in-house challenger to the man we like to call C4, and that's as it should be. He has a chance to be one of the best safeties in the NFL if he can get past his penalty issues, which is eminently possible.

The Falcons desperately need to get a competent backup--unless Shann Schillinger or Rafael Bush steps up big time--but Moore should be able to perform at a very high level in 2011. Ideally, he'll become the big play safety that the dependable Thomas DeCoud is not.

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