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(Substitute) TWESTOTE of the Day: Smitty Misses His Players

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Smitty misses his players. Who could blame him?
Smitty misses his players. Who could blame him?

This lockout sucks. We all know this. That's not new.

What IS new is Smitty's admittance of missing his players. D'aww.

I don't know if all coaches do this, but what really grabbed my attention was this quote: (Disclaimer, I saw Dave pull this stunt, therefore, it must be alright. I'm being silly at this point.)

Smith could stop by a locker stall and get to know a player better away from the stress of an upcoming game. Perhaps, the coach would glean some information about a player’s family, his background or on the latest movie.

"That is what I really miss," said Smith last week at the club's "Fishing with the Falcons" event for wounded military veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you'll remember, Stephen Nicholas's baby son had to have a heart transplant a few years ago. Smitty made sure Nicks could travel back and forth to see his family while his son waited for a donor, and even though Nicks was decent on the field, he didn't get cut because his heart wasn't totally in the game.

Reason #80 billion why I love this team.

I'm sure a lot of coaches get to know their players personally, but just the fact that it talks about him actually doing it is reassurance altogether, and it's something I'm glad he does. There's no telling what might've happened if that news hadn't come out.

I do like the recent lockout optimism. I'm convinced now they'll get a deal done before they miss any games. There's just too much money that would go to waste if they miss games, not to mention all the fans they've already lost. Well, here's to a deal sooner rather than later!