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Roddy White Not Working Out With Falcons, Matt Ryan Fine With It

One of the worries I see frequently rearing its neurotic head in the comments is the worry that Roddy White isn't working out with the team. Depending on who you ask, that shows either a lack of commitment to getting and staying in shape, a lack of commitment to the team or just a curious quirk of Roddy White.

Well, someone finally got around to asking the man who has to throw the ball to Roddy if he cares. It may not surprise you to learn that Ryan sees no ulterior motives and no sinister plot behind his star wide receiver's absence:

"It’s OK. I’ve talked to Roddy a bunch," he said. "He’s staying in really good shape, and he’ll be ready to roll when the season comes around. He knows what it takes to get ready. As it gets closer and closer, we’ll get together a little bit. Might not necessarily be here, but we’ll get together a little bit and get some good work."

Keep in mind that a little under half the roster has elected not to show up for these workouts. White is only unique in that he's such a high-profile player. Some might argue that with that great fame comes greater responsibility, to paraphrase a movie where a guy dressed up in tights and fought crime, but I don't particularly mind. If Roddy's looking at his playbook and staying in shape, and he's going to work with the team later in the summer, then I share Matt Ryan's perspective.

Do you?